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Now That I See You. by ZeuroMaker Now That I See You. :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 6 0 - Read Description pl0x? by ZeuroMaker - Read Description pl0x? :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 5 31 HorrorFell Logo Thing by ZeuroMaker HorrorFell Logo Thing :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 11 5 ~HF! SANS~   Inkt.17 (finale) by ZeuroMaker
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~HF! SANS~ Inkt.17 (finale) :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 9 6
~All That Sparkles~  Inkt. 16 by ZeuroMaker ~All That Sparkles~ Inkt. 16 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 8 6 ~Skele Siblings~  Inkt.15 by ZeuroMaker ~Skele Siblings~ Inkt.15 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 7 3 ~RiverPerson HF~   Inkt.14 by ZeuroMaker ~RiverPerson HF~ Inkt.14 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 11 3 -Tired-   Inkt.13 by ZeuroMaker -Tired- Inkt.13 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 10 16 -HF progress-   Inkt. 12 by ZeuroMaker -HF progress- Inkt. 12 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 11 7 - HF Flowey -   Inkt. 11 by ZeuroMaker - HF Flowey - Inkt. 11 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 9 12 - HT Queen Undyne Concept WIP - Inkt. 10 by ZeuroMaker - HT Queen Undyne Concept WIP - Inkt. 10 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 9 18 ~Goddamn Inktober~  Inkt.9 by ZeuroMaker ~Goddamn Inktober~ Inkt.9 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 10 10 Weird Hollow thing.   Inkt.8 by ZeuroMaker Weird Hollow thing. Inkt.8 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 5 9 ~HORRORFELL CONCEPT~   Inkt.7 by ZeuroMaker
Mature content
~HORRORFELL CONCEPT~ Inkt.7 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 5 7
*YOU IDIOT*    Inkt.6 by ZeuroMaker *YOU IDIOT* Inkt.6 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 9 2 Late and Lazy. (desc)   -Inkt5 by ZeuroMaker Late and Lazy. (desc) -Inkt5 :iconzeuromaker:ZeuroMaker 5 0
Yeah okay here's my trash

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Things that I liked and i'm sure you would like too...!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
--- NOTICE ---
I am extremely slow to reply, life is eating up my time, I am lazy and type slow, going around to everyone who sent me a message or a picture can take up to like 2 weeks. I really suck, I know, (my art too lol what a comparison) SO If I'm not replying, I apologize, I would not ignore you, and if you upload art, I did not ignore you, I literally have like loads stockpiled, waiting to be gone through!! I am also slow at uploading art! Rarely It will be digital too! Thank you to EVERYONE for every llama, favorite you send and comment/reply/note... ITS SUPER APPRECIATED!!!
*Priority list for me, naturally IDK why*
1- Notes
2- Reply's/comments
3- Your uploaded art
4- Llamas and Favs
?- Drawing stuff to post (a nomadic priority)
???- Not doing any of the above due to distractions (common outcome)

Hey! I'm Zeuro! I am 18 years old and Irish. I am an altruistic person to my friends, and be an individual that sends you things that just make you say 'Wtf'.
I want to become a comic artist / just an artist here on DA (and if I can make a living off art SOMEHOW omg that would be a dream to behold), but to be honest, I obviously will have to wait so much longer and get good at art for that to even become a possibility. My art is pretty bad and edgy. I am self-thought and sometimes too lazy to draw.
I am only 18, but I have already wasted my entire life.

Drawing Things
Seeing pretty cute shit
Sips. What a Magnificent Bastard.
I... like to play PC games.
To laze around, whenever I can.
People who actually enjoy talking with me and are good people.
UNDERTALE and its soundtrack!
Steven Universe!

Liars / Dishonest people
People who abuse others
Me and my art
Genuine racists
uh... people who pretend to love and like you?

... yeah? so I think that's everything. my favorite style of music is metal, but like all kinds of music really.
I used to go by the alias of 'ZekroMaster', or 'Zekro', etc. I changed it up and I have my name. I tend to become attached to people and trust them too quickly. So I end up telling people useless crap in my past for like 2 hours.
My art sucks why are you even here hahaha

Also -- If you have Steam -- Here is my steam account, feel free to add me!…

AND If you have Battle.Net -- (Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm, Overwatch, whatever) -- Here's my ID! --> ZeuroMaker#2258


- Read Description pl0x?
Hey, if your reading this, thank you, I'd your following me, I'm sorry you found me lol.
--Ramble update--
Truth is, My motivation is dying, I have left the undertale trash bin, and saw this and thought of the cringe queen friend of mine, talking about 'what if there were gaster blasters but GANGSTA??'. This was the last drawing/sketch I did relating to Undertale.

I really want to personally apologise to my literally decomposing deviantart page at this stage, as I eventually lost faith in my own work, got through some depression swings, then risen up again with an relationship I'm having, drawing some more, but still not enough.
If your following me, and I do decide to come back from the grave and start uploading, don't expect Much undertale things, or many things in general. I may move from series to series, just trying to improve on my debatably edgy/rudimentary work.
I took an interview in animation and felt like a piece of scum compared to these other people around me who were jaw droppingly amazing. I want to do what I love, and draw. Even if nobody likes it. I NEED to improve and draw more, or I'll lose my mind.
I feel terrible as I have hundreds of comments to reply to, hundreds of pictures to look at, and like, a few notes, but I'm such a lazy scum, I literally am ignoring them because I'm dumb and afraid of replying now after its been so long, I don't MEAN to ignore all you guys, but, again, I'm dumb.

In conclusion, I may just start a clean slate, and see what I can do. I'll probably only follow a select people, as following/watching too much people will cause me to lose a lot of time and stuff
(self centred, ik but I gotta put that time into overwatch boi [when I should be studying] )
but tbh, I'm glad I met lots of people here, but I don't want it to engulf me, but I don't want it too be so distant. I MAY come back, I'll have to see. (Forgetting the initial topic completely, wasting more of the one person who may or may not read this' time)

Well, I hope you had a great day, I'm sorry and thank you, to everything as a whole and keep drawing, because your like all great. Don't be me.

Life lesson and a half right there
Sorry guys-- I'm uploading this on my phone, I was sick and just gotten over a really bad hangover. (Yeah don't drink to get drunk. It is just hell)

I am well aware that there is like 110 pictures alone to look through. I will be in Paris tomorrow for halloween, so I will try to post a Halloween picture, but honestly I want to get over Halloween and get to Christmas.
I hope everyone is alright, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just lazy, sick and busy somehow all combined

I look forward to replying to everyone, and seeing what you all posted!
Catch you guys around!
#zeuromaker #bad_time_more_like_hangover
HorrorFell Logo Thing
Here is a rough thing I drew quickly because I have not touched my Tablet IN AGES!!
I Just felt like HF Sans would be the icon of the Au, Naturally, like almost every Au... XD

I will be working on comic scenarios, Finishing another concept of Queen Undyne, The human of this Au and more background characters! BUT~ I will be working on some random pieces and drawings here and there, not being chained to Inktober lets me do more stuff -- but the fact I am not using all the time to reply to my literally 100 messages, Is sad. 
... Uh... I mess around on YouTube, Steam, Battle.Net, Skype, Kik, Messenger and Drawpile.
Please forgive me if i'm taking a long while to reply -- That long while being 2 WEEKS! MY GOD! -- tomorrow is busy for me, but I really want to reply to you all -- IM SORRY!  2 WEEKS FLEW BY FOR ME!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

Thanks again to EVERYONE who Favorited my work, and especially the comments, THANK YOU! The support is amazing, yet I am being terrible on catching up on my messages. SEE YOU SOON!!

(Not rated as mature as there is no blood or gore--- just red, and its spooky, so to a younger viewer, discretion is advised -- But you probably seen it by now but HEY Its spooky, but not TOO spooky cos its bad lol)

Uh -- Please Read if you have not already -- Improved it a little
UnderTale is owned by Toby Fox, HORRORFELL is a AU mix of HorrorTale, and UnderFell. I do not own those AU's.
I do not entirely own the idea of HORRORFELL, as I noticed some people drew some ideas too, however I do own these character designs and story. eg, HF.Papyrus, HF.Sans, HF.Grillby etc, as I, ZeuroMaker, made and came up with them. Do not copy or steal.--should you want to draw this AU with my characters, feel free, but please credit my (bad) design in the description.
Thank you
KFC Chicken Epic DanceKFC Chicken Dance (Want some) [V1]
Sans DanceSans Dance


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